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Mastering the Art of Global Operations

HKUST MSGO program offers students a unique opportunity to be real game changers.

Students looking to excel and master the art of managing business operations on a global scale have a remarkable opportunity to study in a world class Master of Science in Global Operations (MSGO) program at the HKUST Business School.

Ranked No. 1 in Asia Pacific by the prestigious QS Business Masters Ranking 2022: Supply Chain Management, the program was developed to nurture students in a real-world environment, so that they would have the tools and understanding that is essential for the management of service operations, manufacturing operations and supply chains.

According to Prof. Qing Li, the Academic Director of the program, the one year fast-track program goes beyond simply equipping students with the practical knowledge to do a job, but it also places great emphasis on developing both soft and hard skills so that students can make a difference in the real world.

“It isn’t enough to just understand the macro environment that they are working in, they must also have the in-depth knowledge and be able to connect all the dots,” Prof. Li said.

Project Study, one of the elective courses in the program curriculum, offers a unique, one-of-a-kind opportunity for students to participate in real business projects. Students are able to apply what they have learnt to effectively solve real business problems. Under the tutelage of expert faculty members, students will receive proper guidance and therefore get the chance to plan and execute a real business project in the global operations management domain.

According to Sunny Soni, a graduate from the class of 2021, the Project Study was the best part of the program. His team was assigned to calculate the environmental footprint of the sweater supply chain commissioned by Cobalt, a leading knitwear merchandising firm owned by the Li & Fung Group. As ESG and consumer awareness continue to take hold, brands are expected to show more transparency and accountability along the supply chain in order to gain favour with consumers.

Sunny said that the experience was valuable because it gave him and his team the chance to experience an entire consulting cycle, from identifying problems through to the final deliverables so that they had a chance to understand and tackle actual challenges.

As such, “It’s given me a better idea of what to expect from my chosen career path of management consulting, and it has equipped me with the necessary skills to excel in my career,” he said.

What makes the HKUST MSGO program so stellar is that it continually strives to provide up-to-date training and knowledge. Over the years, the program has been constantly improving its curriculum in order to stay updated with market trends as well as career interests. In meeting with market demand, it has responded to a professional need for more people who are proficient in both operations-related knowledge as well as analytical skills. For this reason, the program has introduced a new concentration in Operations Analytics to better prepare students for the work place.

Austin He, a graduate from the class of 2021, who professes to have no programming experience or statistical knowledge prior to his MSGO studies. He says choosing the concentration really helped him to build a strong foundation in data and analytics.

Starting from the basics in Data Analysis, the concentration introduced fundamental concepts such as linear regression and hypothesis testing, and then moved students to the more complex learnings such as writing code for business problems and Big Data Analytics including machine learning models.

“It required a tremendous amount of effort to complete but the tears and sweat will build a solid foundation for your future career, it’s worth it,” he said, noting that his Project Study experience with Southern Metropolis Weekly also allowed him to work with real data sets to apply his skills to a live environment.

The program also pays close attention to enrich students’ networks and harness their full professional potential by organizing many activities. From industry seminars to Experiential Learning Programs (ELP) and leadership workshops, students are expected to walk away with not just the technical skills, but also the soft skills, networking skills and a whole lot of personal enhancement skills that include team building, communication, self-awareness and leadership skills.

Last but not least, the program also provides students with a tonne of international exposure, an important element of the program. With a global network and international partnerships, students are guaranteed to build their own global networks that will enhance their expertise in the best business practices worldwide.

The HKUST MSGO program is acclaimed globally, submit your application NOW at LINK. Join the program and prepare yourself for tomorrow’s business challenges!