About Double Degree Option

M2M Program

Combining two master’s degrees from two leading business schools in two countries, the M2M program aims to offer high-achieving students the opportunity to gain a solid business education and a global perspective concurrently.

Five top GNAM business schools launch Dual-Degree Master Programs since 2017. In addition to completing coursework at their home institutions, M2M students are provided with cross-school exposures that creates global networks across the M2M cohort and enhance their expertise in international business practices. This cross-school exposure includes virtual teamwork, collaborative exercises, and academic seminars convened by participating schools to engage students in discussions about global issues with experts in the field. Furthermore, the M2M program combines the distinctive strengths of two leading business schools, exposing students to valuable career resources, as well as unique peer and alumni communities. M2M students set themselves apart in the competitive global job market by being both internationally minded, and equipped with robust business knowledge.

M2M Double Degree Option

The M2M Double Degree Option is a double degree partnership established by the HKUST Business School, the School of Management of Yale University (SOM) and the FGV Sao Paulo School of Business Administration (EAESP). The HKUST MSGO program can be combined with the Yale SOM Master of Management Studies in Global Business and Society (Yale MMS) or the FGV EAESP Master in International Management (FGV MPGI).

Students can choose the double degree option at the time of admission to the HKUST MSGO program. Students who are successful in being admitted to both universities will spend the first academic year in the HKUST MSGO program and the second academic year in the Yale MMS program or the FGV MPGI program.

Students are required to pay tuition fees to HKUST and Yale/ FGV EAESP, respectively, in the corresponding year of study. Scholarships or financial aids, if any, are independently allocated by the respective schools.

Program Details

Application Deadlines

PhaseApplication Deadline
Phase 1 15 October 2023
Phase 2 3 December 2023
Phase 3 14 January 2024
Phase 4 3 March 2024

If you are interested in applying for the HKUST MSGO double degree options, please apply for the HKUST MSGO program through HKUST University Admissions System as well as complete the supplementary form. Only completed applications will be considered.

More information: M2M Leaflet

Program Structure


Program Curriculum

HKUST MSGO program (First Year)

Core Courses (14 credits)

  • Corporate Finance
  • Data Analysis
  • Global Macroeconomics
  • Managerial Accounting Foundations
  • Managerial Communication
  • Marketing Strategy and Policy
  • Operations Management

Required Courses (4 credits)

  • Business Modeling and Optimization
  • Global Supply Chain Management

Elective Courses* (a selection of 12 credits)

  • Big Data Analytics**
  • Business Analytics in R**
  • Business Project Management
  • Digital Business and Web Analytics**
  • Digital Marketing
  • Effective Negotiations
  • ERP and Enterprise Systems Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Managing Financial Services Operations
  • OM Best Practices**
  • Project Study
  • Service Analytics**
  • Simulation for Risk and Operations Analysis**

*Offering schedule is subject to availability
**Specified elective courses for Operations Analytics Concentration


Yale MMS program (Second Year)

Please refer to the Yale MMS for further information.


FGV EAESP MPGI program (Second Year)

Please refer to the FGV MPGI for further information.


Admission Requirements and Process

Admission decision to the double degree option will be conducted jointly by both the HKUST Business School and the partner universities. HKUST will share the applicants’ profile with Yale for admission purpose. Students may have to join the admission interviews respectively by both institutions. Students should fulfill the admission requirements of both the HKUST Business School and the partner universities.

Applicants should also fulfill the below pre-requisite requirements either in their undergraduate studies or during the HKUST MSGO program before they start the academic year at Yale University or FGV EAESP. HKUST will NOT guarantee that applicants who are successfully admitted into the HKUST MSGO program can also be admitted to the Yale University or FGV EAESP. It is subject to partner universities' endorsement/ approval for students meeting the pre-requisite requirements.

Additional admission requirements for Yale MMS program:

  • Fulfill HKUST MSGO degree requirements with satisfactory academic performance
  • Course Study: complete one course related to Strategy Management
  • Work Experience: have full-time work or internship experience for at least 12 weeks in the same organization, at a professional level (first job level of a graduate recruit)
  • Achieve a satisfactory GMAT/GRE score

Additional admission requirements for FGV EAESP MPGI program:

  • Fulfill HKUST MSGO degree requirements with satisfactory academic performance

Tuition Fees and Expenses

The tuition fee for HKUST MSGO program of 2024/25 intake is HKD 318,000, the tuition fee for Yale MMS program will be USD 82,700** and the tuition fee for FGV EAESP MPGI program will be R$ 49,920**. Travelling and living expenses are not included in the tuition fee.

** Subject to change